We’re looking for over 18 years old enthusiastic and committed volunteers who know how to have fun! Have a look at the roles available and pick your favourites – you will need to give us at least two options. Download the volunteer form, complete it and post or email to us before 28th May 2016 – after that we will inform you which role you have been awarded. We look forward to hearing from you!

Download Volunteer Form

To volunteer at this event you must pay a deposit of £50 which will be refunded in cash at the end of the festival. Our team will contact you when you success a place. If you have any problems please contact info@elds.org.uk so we can advise how to proceed.

Sign Circle is looking for volunteers to work at the 2016 festival.

Why should you volunteer at Sign Circle 2016?

  • Our volunteers will get a free ticket, t-shirt and drinks such as water, tea and coffee through the weekend
  • As a volunteer you will gain experience and meet new people
  • When the festival is finished you will be proud of your hard work
  • Volunteering with us will look good on your CV

Volunteers have to:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Give a deposit of £50 when you are successfully offered a place (will be given back on last day)
  • Be enthusiastic and committed
  • Know how to have fun!

What you need to do:

  • Have a look at the roles available and pick your favourites
  • Give us at least two options
  • Complete the application form before 28th may 2016 (website)
  • Wait for us to inform you which role you have been awarded

We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteering Roles - (Each roles each box with where click and it pops out below)


  • Making sure all activities are used safely e.g. bouncy castle not too crowded
  • Thinking of fun sports or games to set up during the festival
  • After activities are finished, have to tidy up ready for next activity
  • You will work in a team, which means must have good teamwork skills and support each other
  • You need to be fluent in BSL and be able to communicate to people from different backgrounds and ages
  • You need to have good timekeeping skills and arrive on time for every shift.


  • Arts & Crafts volunteers will decorate the festival area and make it visually attractive
  • You will be working in the Arts and Crafts marquee, helping people make crafty pieces of art
  • You need to keep the marquee safe for children, e.g. chemicals and sharp objects kept safe
  • You must be over 18 and fluent in BSL


  • You must commit to the schedule given, you can discuss with your coordinator if you would like to swap any of your shifts.
  • You will set up activities and look after the children, while their parents enjoy the festival programme.
  • You must tidy up after activities and help other teams when needed
  • You need to be aware of children's policies
  • For this role you must respect other people and environment, be friendly and approachable
  • Again, you should be fluent in BSL

PLEASE NOTE: All our Children's Supervisors must go through a CRB check which takes some time.


  • You should be first aid qualified
  • You will be treating minor injuries and looking after the First Aid box making sure it is locked at all times
  • You will be on call 24 hours a day - if one volunteer goes to hospital, you may need to make sure that person’s shift will be covered.
  • First Aid volunteers need to work with the coordinator to report any emergency or accident and to be logged in the First Aid logbook
  • Sign Language skills are of benefit as many of the people you treat will be Deaf
  • You need to be happy, friendly and approachable during the weekend


  • You must regularly check and clean the inside and outside of toilets and showers
  • Any rubbish around the site needs to be collected and put in rubbish bins
  • You must always recycle everything: plastics, paper & cardboard, cans and general waste
  • When the bins are full, they need to be emptied


Stewards will be on hand to help with any issues that may arise during the weekend.

  • Keep the area safe from any trouble, especially at night.
  • Shifts will be arranged so you will get enough sleep
  • Security volunteers will work at the car park and make sure the area is safe from any vehicles, disturbance or unwanted visitors.
  • To offer the campers help with setting up their tents
  • Bringing things from their car to the site
  • Helping with car parking issues
  • Ensuring disabled people have full access to the festival
  • Working in the bar marquee during the morning, afternoon or evening