Sign Circle is located in a rural area, and the festival can only continue with local support. We kindly remind all campers to respect our neighbours by keeping the noise to a minimum, especially in the late evening hours and early morning.

Countryside Code

Sign Circle respects the life of the countryside and asks all campers to do so. Please make sure you do not harm animals, birds, plants or trees.

  • Take your litter with you or put in the bin
  • Close the gates after use
  • Leave machinery alone

Guide To Recycling

There has never been better or easier time to recycle. We throw away 26 million tons of rubbish in the UK every year. However, a lot of it can be reused or recycled to make something new. It is easy: you can recycle your waste at our four designated recycle points: Plastics, Paper & Cardboard, Cans and General Waste.

Cleaning – Leave No Trace

When it is time to leave, pack up all your things and take them away with you. Please do not leave any camping gear behind. Tidy up after yourself and bag all your rubbish before you leave the site. It makes life so much easier for the teams of volunteers who turn the site back into a farm.

Gas Bottles / Fuel

Do not throw the gas bottle or fuel into the fire. Empty them and put it in designated recycling points.

Sign Circle Media

The Sign Circle Media team will be filming and taking photographs throughout the festival. This will be used for promotional materials, articles and websites. We assume that everyone is fine with this. If you really do not want to be photographed or filmed, please inform the media team.


This is a family friendly event. We do not tolerate the use of illegal drugs and if anyone is caught with drugs they will be asked to leave Sign Circle immediately.


All Sign Circle campers will have to wear their wristbands that they get upon arrival at ALL times. This is to make sure that no outside people can come in. If your band is lost or broken, go to the Information Tent to get a new one.

Money And Valuables

Please keep your things safe. We hope everyone on the camp is friendly but we can’t promise your valuables will be safe. Keep your money, camera, phone and other valuables with you.

Driving On The Campsite

Driving is not allowed at all times. Only deliveries and maintenance vans and vehicles are allowed to drive through the festival site. Please make sure you look around before crossing over the tracks. You will need to park your car at the car park straight away when you arrive at the site. Then you need to carry your things to the camping area. Ask your friends or kids to help!

Parental Responsibility

Children may need an adult to help them with some things but if your child is happy to go to the workshop alone there will be staff available to help. We cannot be responsible for your children – they remain the parent’s responsibility – if your child is going to a workshop or to play on camp make sure you know where they are and they know how to find you.

Lost Property & Missing Child

If you have lost something or have found something lying around, please come to the Information Tent to report this and come back regularly to find out if whatever you have lost has been handed in.

If a child appears to be lost, they will be taken to the information tent and will try to find the parents from there. If you have lost a child, please come to the Information Tent and a team of volunteers will be set up to search for your child.